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Welcome to petal and peach

we view each arrangement as a work of art

Your destination for exquisite floral creations that combine nature's beauty with artistic design. With a lifelong passion for flowers and two decades of experience in the floral industry, our founder has established a reputation for crafting stunning arrangements that capture the essence of your most special moments.

Our experienced team carefully selects the finest blooms, ensuring every creation is a masterpiece that evokes emotions and captivates the senses

We thrive with open ended flower specifics and creative freedom.  

we believe flowers have a language of their own—

A language that speaks of love, celebration, and the beauty of life. Growing up surrounded by flowers,  Sarah developed a deep appreciation
for their transformative power.

The flowers at your wedding help to set the tone of the entire event and help to further convey the vibe you are trying to set.

Floral Offerings

Petal and Peach specializes in luxury floral and event design for each clients unique vision and style for your wedding or special event.
Weddings are known for being one of the happiest days of your life. There are so many special components that go into making your big day fabulous, and one of the more important things on your list is the flowers.

customized floral and event designs

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Design Portfolio

Have a wedding or elegant celebration to plan? Petal and Peach caters to your unique style. Our floral arrangements are meticulously designed to enhance your special day. 

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