Petal and Peach takes your floral to the next level , designed and curated to your unique style. 
Full access to all rental decor , large floral installations. Petal and Peach design staff on site, day of your wedding  includes a day long commitment to every design aspect of your wedding. Deliver bridal party floral, set up, install , transfer floral from ceremony to reception and end of night rental and floral pick up.
Clear and prompt communication every step of the way
Exceptional attention to detail
Beautiful and unique designs bringing your vision to life
Knowledge and expertise throughout the process
Thorough set up and break down
Creative problem solving and adaptability
Personal touch in every design
Above and beyond care & dedication to bring your vision to life.

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Q U E S T I O N S & A N S W E R S
Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to reach out at any point!
D O E S  S I G N I N G  T H E 
 C O N TRA C T  L O C K  I N  M Y
  P R I C E ?
When you sign our contract, you are agreeing to our services for a specific date and
approving the design plan we've created for you at the stated price. You are free to add on items at any point. Reductions are allowed up to 10% of the original contract price.
We just ask that any changes are made up to 30 days prior to your wedding date.
W H A T  R E N T A L S  D O  Y O U 
 O F F E R ?
Booking with us gives you full access to our rental inventory. We have several
centerpiece vessels, bud vases, candle holders, votives, ceremony arches/structures and
more. All rental items will be collected at the end of the night. Rental charges apply.
W H E N  D O  Y O U 
 R E C O M M E N D  B O O K I N G ?
If you LOVE our style and are insistent on hiring us for your big day, we recommend
booking as soon as possible! With limited dates available, we cannot hold dates until a
contract is signed and deposit is paid. Our pricing structure allows ultimate
flexibility so you don't need all the details nailed down to secure your date

Let's get started!

"She was really easy to work with and made everything go super smoothly! The florals were a mix of dried and fresh flowers, they were absolutely stunning. She put so much thought and work into everything! I can not recommend Sarah enough!"

"Sarah NAILED our vision for the wedding!!"

Client Love

Carolyn R.